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An design studio in the Greater St. Louis Area that uses design to solve problems and help your business succeed.

About Avahi

A Quick Introduction:

Avahi Design LLC was officially formed in January of 2018 by Kris Risner. That makes us the new kids on the block. Being new, we have a lot to prove. The word “Avahi” (pronounced uh-va-hee) means building and creative. At first we chose the name because it literally meant creative design. You could put all of our services under the “creative design” umbrella, which made it the easy choice for a company name. Then we found out that Avahi could also mean “building” and it was perfect.

Avahi Design has two goals. The first is to help our clients succeed using design and strategy. Every company needs to be able to stand out no matter their size. Social Media, video, and web design aren’t just for the big companies any more. Small businesses especially can benefit from an online presence, and you don’t need a large team to make that happen. We love solving problems and coming up with creative solutions. We won’t just sell you a product. We do a discovery session to find out what the real problem is and then we come up with a custom plan that will help you solve your problem.

Our second goal is to help other creators and designers. We like to share the knowledge that we have, and we want to build a community for other creators to share their knowledge. Our youtube channel, The Avahi Channel, is focused on teaching designers and giving a behind the scenes look at our business. We also have a podcast, The CreatorCast with Cody and Kris, where we talk to creators and discuss photography, video, and design. We are also launching a second podcast to teach and discuss social media and design topics in a shorter format.


Here are the core services that we offer:

Web Design


Your website is the first impression you will make on most people. That is why it is so important to have a stunning website that not only looks good, but also performs well. Avahi can make the perfect site for your business.

Graphic Design


Graphic Design encompasses a lot of different fields, but no matter what you are looking we can find a designer for you. Whether you need logos, flyers, lookbooks, or wedding invitations we have you covered.



Video has become an integral part of creative content. One third of all online activity is spent watching videos. We can handle all of your video needs, whether it’s a product promo or full blown commercial.


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Blog Posts

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