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About Avahi

A Quick Introduction:

Avahi Design LLC was officially formed in January of 2018 by Kris Risner. That makes us the new kids on the block. It also makes us even more driven to provide great service. The word “Avahi” (pronounced uh-va-hee) means building and creative. At first we chose the name because it literally meant creative design. You could put all of our services under the “creative design” umbrella, which made it the easy choice for a company name. After doing more research into the name “Avahi” we came across the building definition. It immediately made sense, because we want to build a community of designers and creatives around Avahi Design.

The goal of Avahi Design is to help our clients succeed using strong marketing and branding techniques. Every company should be able to stand out and have a consistent brand that will help them be successful no matter their size. This is why we don’t just sell you a website or social media package. Avahi focuses on solving the problem first. Once we have identified the problem then we can start building the perfect solution.


Here are the core services that we offer:

Web Design

Your website is the first impression you will make on most people. That is why it is so important to have a stunning website that not only looks good, but also performs well. Avahi can make the perfect site for your business.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design encompasses a lot of different fields, but no matter what you are looking we can find a designer for you. Whether you need logos, flyers, lookbooks, or wedding invitations we have you covered.


Video has become an integral part of creative content. One third of all online activity is spent watching videos. We can handle all of your video needs, whether it’s a product promo or full blown commercial.


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