Promo video for Garrett Mize of Truehand Tattoo

Video Shot by Cody Briner

Music Video for Lifeguard Jay

Video Shot by Cody Briner

Product Spotlights

The best way to promote a product is with a video that showcases all of it’s features and how it is used.

Corporate Videos

Whether it’s corporate training or a commercial we have you covered. We can work on location to help fit your schedule.

Music Videos

Whether you are an up and coming artist or a well known artist we can make your music video stand out from the crowd.

Why is Video Important?

Video is a staple of our everyday lives. Whether it’s online or the television video is surrounding us constantly. Video is great for training new employees so that they have a visual aid. It’s also a great asset for social media. By 2019 80% of internet traffic will be for video. Before long the only way for your advertisements to be seen will be in video format. Get ahead of the wave and start creating video content today!

Our Process

Initial Meeting

During this meeting we will iron out all of the major details and dig deeper to see what you want and need for your video.


After the meeting we will do research. During this phase we will storyboard your video and scout locations.

Video Shoot

After research, we start shooting on the video. There may be one day of shoots or multiple days of shoots depending on the project.


After we shoot the video we begin editing. It usually takes about a week (depending on the size of the project) to get the video edited and ready to be viewed.

Final Export

After we have finished editing and get final approval for the video we will export it in all of the various formats that you might need.